Egarma was created 30 years back as a chain of food items and wholesaler of Spanish cold cuts

Egarma Gourmet is a company based in Madrid, Spain wholly dedicated to trading products to and from Spain and India. Egarma was created 30 years back as a chain of food items and wholesaler of Spanish cold cuts. Over time it has evolved and now has its own food distribution line to the HORECA channel. We export and trade food items such as olive oil, olives, ham etc.

We work exclusively with the factories, most of them are specialized in manufacturing just for the international market.

On the other hand, we execute and participate in different projects in different countries, from football camps to Spanish food markets.

We export and internationalize brands

Our company is a mixture cultures. The Indian roots come from our CEO who is an Indian women and experience of many years in both the Indian and Spanish markets.

Egarma´s aim is to enhance commercial relations between Spain and India, delivering to both countries the best of each other. In the case of the Spanish producer, we help introduce their product in the Indian market by assuming risks, burocratic procedures and knowledge of the market.


Our company also helps carry out international projects in different parts of the globe.


Egarma´s commitment is to guarantee an answer to your requirements in the least time possible. We source food products from India and Spain thanks to our vast network in both countries. Also, we are able to source from items from other sectors.

We believe that somethings have to change in doing business which is why we are devoted to our values, in taking care of each of our clients as well as we can and take each inquiry seriously and dedicate time to every one of them.

If you are looking for an item from India or Spain this is the company you are looking for.  We know India is a very attractive market but it has barriers to entry that sometimes can lead to trust issues and that where Egarma comes in. We can help you avoid these type of problems and ease the way.

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